Do you feel under-appreciated, burnt out, and
frustrated without balance in work and life?

Do you feel under-appreciated,
burnt out, and frustrated
without balance in work and life?

Get my Master Class
to Prevent Burnout and
Promote Personal Well-being*

Get My
Mini Course
to Prevent Burnout
and Promote 
Personal Well-being*

*For women who want work-related tools WITHOUT making self-development another JOB!

*Designed for women who want work-related tools WITHOUT making their development another JOB to do!

Watch This First

Professional Women Are Undervalued...
and expected to do more with less.

Wouldn't it be awesome to have a work life
in which you are valued for and expected to be - EXACTLY as you already ARE?

Professional Women Are Undervalued...
and expected to do more with less.

Wouldn't it be awesome to have a work life
that values you appropriately - as you already ARE?

I'm Pam Teagarden

I'm Pam Teagarden

(And I'm one of YOU!)

(And I'm one of YOU!)

Women I have helped said they:

  • Lacked Work/Life Balance
  • ​Faced Invisible Barriers to Achievement
  • ​Were Underrepresented in Leadership
  • ​Struggled with Negative Bias and Judgement
  • ​Had Impostor Syndrome
  • ​Lack​ed Support From Allies
  • Lacked Work/Life Balance
  • ​Faced Invisible Barriers to Achievement
  • ​Were Underrepresented in Leadership
  • ​Struggled with Negative Bias and Judgement
  • ​Had Impostor Syndrome
  • ​Lack​ed Support From Allies

These are only some of the challenges
facing women in today's workplace.

My 90-minute shot-of-coaching enables
both individual and organizational well-being (even under stress)
for leaders and professionals!

Without adding more for you to do!


Tap into my cutting-edge methodology that enables individual and organizational wellbeing, even under rising pressure!

But before you read one more
self-help book:


Right now, intense (and rising) pressure in the workplace is overwhelming our ability to maintain our personal wellbeing at work, destroying our ability to maintain positive working relationships, and making it incredibly difficult to achieve increasing levels of impactful performance - despite the volume of aspirational, mostly personality-based activities intended to develop you in business.

• Burnout
Resulting in decreased productivity

• Career Stagnation
Equaling a Lack of Opportunity

• Systemic Bias
Increasing Stress and Anxiety

Post-Covid, unprecedented challenges brought a level of volatility in business that, to so many, seemed impossible to succeed within. The economic loss in the US grew to more than $500 billion annually.

And, BTW, NO ONE has been able to successfully quantify the personal cost to our physical and mental health - as we struggle to thrive, personally and professionally.

Let’s Be Real, Though…

These issues have been hiding in plain sight all along.

Even during “normal times.”

Engagement and Productivity have always been symbiotic.

Depending on the moment, they each build up and break down the other.

Making work - life balance impossible.

Work is work. And self-care only happens in your leisure time… that is if you have any!

And these days, it feels like there’s even more at stake!

If you’ve been working for years to find passion in your work so that it won’t break down your psyche on your way home, you know that work stress is a part of your life.

You’ve probably tried so. many. things.
(that I’ve tried too!)…

You took an online quiz or psychometric assessment to measure your values / personality traits – thinking they might strengthen your working relationships and predict greater success.

They didn’t.

You read a best seller, believing that if only you could aspire to become the author’s model of success,
you could get there.

You couldn’t.

You responded to an engagement survey, thinking someone would read it and improve things.

They can’t.

Right now,

I bet you’re grappling with unanswered questions:

• How can I use my strengths to increase my business success?

• How can I unlock the blind spots that have me standing in my way along my path to success?

How can I recognize the impact of rising pressure (stress) on the decisions I make in my daily performance?

• How can I predict the pivots I need to make to manage changes in my working environment?

• How can I move beyond performance biases to manage tensions in my working relationships?

• How can I predict specific tactics to better manage stress, including work?

There is one keyword in all of your questions…


I’d like to help.

With over 20 years of experience, helping thousands of successful professionals recognize what it takes to bounce back from their ‘imposter syndrome’ and to sustain the kind of positive working relationships that drive their personal vision for success to new heights….

In ways that promote active engagement in increasing performance, even during intense pressure.


I promise I can help you!

I’ve worked with professionals in businesses in almost every niche – and for any sized team.  

Banking, Healthcare, Professional Services, Hospitality, Government Agencies, Non-Profits, Equity Funders, Entrepreneurs – and more.

You have it in you already.

You Will Learn How
To Master Your Mindsets


To better handle your daily tasks, even as they change.

Often we only have control over a small portion of our workday but that doesn't mean we can't deploy our performance mindsets for our best impact.

  • ​Learn how your natural strengths serve you and your work.
  • ​Recognize which are your most dominant mindsets and how to deploy them well.
  • ​Find opportunities to master your mindsets in meaningful ways.

To positively approach every working relationship.

Let's face it: Playing the social game is a requirement and interactions with others are the bedrock of any great culture.

  • ​Express what (or who) you need to work at your best.
  • ​​Recognize how to complement the strengths of others, as you are.
  • ​​Target your collective strengths well, for yourself and your work.

To mitigate the negative effects of stress on performance.

Most personality assessments fail to take stress into account and we all know we act differently under pressure.

  • ​Proactively prepare for rising pressure and how you react to it.
  • ​Understand what specific tactics help you mitigate the negative effects of stress.
  • ​Recognize how to get back on track, in situations that throw you off your game.


What Others Are Saying About Me

Z. Davidson, EVP

"The BASIS evaluation revolutionized job interviews - for both sides of the table. The candidate can accurately assess if their BASIS performance profile is a good fit for the opportunity. The company knows which candidates will meet the team's needs and produce optimal results. After hiring, the company knows how to retain top talent and sustain a competitive edge - even in times of rising pressure."

L. Sansom, Coach, Trainer, Consultant

"Pam is an excellent leader, visionary and consultant. Pam's worth in creating new models for HR is ground-breaking and actionable. She is extremely enthusiastic about the potential - and her clients should be too. Pam sees potential in everyone and in every opportunity - she is a delight to work with and will get results that are meaningful, positive and productive. She has a keen ability to keep her eye on both the business financial bottom line as well as the employees' well-being and engagement with the business."

S. Fisher, MAPP, MEd

"Understanding business mindsets in yourself and others is more than just self awareness, these are strengths that can be immediately leveraged for business growth. I saw others’ strengths as a complement to mine in an [Inclusive Diversity Model] that underpinned real business decisions. Simple and brilliant.”


That Actually Works!


 Highly Focused Master Class
 in Micro-learning sessions

This program is the same program I have used with major corporations for more than 20 years. Once you get access you can work at your own pace.

$2997 (Value)

 Companion Workbook - 40+ pages of supporting material.

Don't Panic! This entire course is not another thing for you to learn on top of your already complete workload. The workbook is a companion to accelerate what you already know: You are awesome!

$397 (Value)

 Custom BASIS© Personality Report
 Assessment of who YOU are at WORK.

With 12 contributing attributes, you will see not only why you have made decisions the way you have but how to make the right ones to support your career.

$1997 (Value)

 BONUS 1 Impostor Syndrome Mini Course

$1997 (Value)

 Bonus 2 Interactive Q/A Replies Inside Course

Your email questions to Pam will be answered inside the coursework as they are received and created. 

$997 (Value)

 Bonus 3 Work/Life Balance Worksheet

With Additional Information below it if you need more room for extra copy

$297 (Value)



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Don't spend another day losing yourself at work!  You can (and deserve) to THRIVE!

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